Cross Tool Development and Verification of Hardware Designs

Cross tool development and hardware verification are the crucially important activities of the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS). This site consolidates and structures different information on the ISPRAS's research, services and tools in the hardware related area.

Our mission is the creation of cutting-edge technologies and tools for automated cross development and hardware verification.

Since 1994 our experts have been participating in the projects on verification and validation of complex industrial software and hardware. These projects have been done under cooperation with such companies as Nortel Networks, Microsoft, Intel, VIA Technologies, Linux Foundation, ZAO MCST, NIISI RAS, etc. (see the Our Partners page).

Our many-years experience gained from the real-life projects has been transformed into a number of innovative methods, technologies and tools for automated cross development and testing. The core approach that we have created and use is the UniTESK Technology aimed to specification-driven (model-based) test development for industrial-scale software and hardware systems.

We are open for all kinds of collaboration: research, tool development, service projects, education, consulting, etc. If you have a proposal, please, fill in the Cooperate With Us form or contract us via e-mail or by phone (see the Our Contacts page).